What time are you open until, do you open on Sundays?
— We are open 11am-5pm Monday-Saturday and closed on Sundays
Do I need an appointment to come in?
— No, we take walkins during our business hours! We schedule appointments for your convenience and for post-breast cancer fittings
Can I shop online or is it in store only?
— Both! Our in store collection is much more extensive though
Is The Fitting Curve black owned?
— Yes it is! 100% Haitian-American owned
How many days is your standard shipping?
— 3-7 business days depending on your local market
Does The Fitting Curve ship internationally?
— Yes but there is a small shipping fee based on the country we are shipping to
What are your price points?
— Our average price range for bras begins around $45+
Can I wear the same bra everyday?
— Technically yes, but we advise against it! If you have a favorite bra then great! But do remember that your favorite bra will not last as long if you have no other bras in rotation...especially in between washes
Do you carry wireless bras or mastectomy bras?
— Yes. We have a variety of sizes for wireless bras. Our post breast cancer collection was introduced in April 2018 and includes prosthetics from Anita Care International. For a full mastectomy fitting please make an appointment via our website, email or calling our store!
Do you carry swimwear?
— Yes we have a small collection that we have in store as of May 2018, that we will build upon based on demand, taste and curation
Do you carry larger cups?
— Currently we go up to J cup
Do you carry nursing or sports bras?
— We do and we’re currently expanding our style variety in sports bras!
Do you carry Spanx?
— We do not carry the brand Spanx BUT we do carry a collection of shapewear from other reputable brands
How many bras should I own?
— We have always believed that you need 7-10 bras, with 3-5 for everyday wear in rotation
When do I wash my bra and how I do wash it?
— You should wash your bra every 2-3 wears depending on your personal hygiene and lifestyle. Remember a bra is considered underwear as well! Washing in the machine is fine as long as you use a mesh bag, gentle detergent and never use your drying machine (fine in a pinch but do know that the heat will break down the fibers and elasticity). Handwashing is usually the recommended way to take care of your undergarments so they last you!
How long should a bra last?
— Our rule of thumb is a bra shouldn’t celebrate more than 2 anniversaries (unless you have dozens that rarely get worn in rotation)
I need a bustier or strapless longline for underneath formalwear. Do you carry any?
— We carry regular strapless bras from B-H cup in store. Any longline strapless/bustier/corset we specially fit for and special order for you based on the design/fabric/color of your formalwear. This usually takes approx 1.5-2 weeks. Please allow time before any dress fittings/alterations to get the right undergarment for you!
I heard/read that underwires cause breast cancer and women shouldn’t wear them, is that true?
— No that isn’t true. There is no scientific evidence that correlates the wearing of bras with wires (or any specific kind of bra) with breast cancer. Many different breast cancer organizations/outlets have all disproved that myth!
How many times should I get fitted if I’m on a weight loss journey?
— A bra size can change with every 8-10lbs of weight loss. You’ll be able to see or feel the difference in your bras and how they fit. Once you notice major fit issues is when you should get refitted. That includes your sports bras!
How do I know if a bra fits?
— If you have any of these issues: Cup overflow - Cup under filled - Straps falling down even on it’s tightest adjustment - Backband rises up - Front center of bra doesn’t touch chestplate