Meet "the Girls"

Our Founders


Kelly H. Saintus


Kelly has over 10 years of experience in retail management, event planning and sales. She has been a part of the bra fitting and lingerie world since 2003, worked in bridal and maternity as well. All combined experiences has provided her with insight into three very intimate and specific worlds of a woman’s total shopping experience. She’s helped countless women over the years uplifting them in their bra journey or helping them find just the right fit, and even spending a whole day with one customer just to find the perfect bra wardrobe. Her secret weapon in the fitting room is a keen eye for fit and giving a distinctive experience to everyone she meets. With her own fitting testimonials coming into play; she creates an overall experience that is uniquely personal. Kelly has an MBA in Sales Management from Johnson & Wales University, and continues her lifelong learning adventures in her travels and fitting. When she’s not immersed in lingerie or searching for new brands, Kelly can be found in her favorite office: the kitchen cooking or baking, singing to her new baby girl, playing with her adorable cockapoo Nala, or eating out with friends and family out in Boston, MA.   


Helene T. Delince


Helene has recently celebrated her 20th year in the lingerie industry, kind of doing it all. She has worked as a bra fit stylist, a rep at the Curve shows, buyer, merchandiser as well as managed several reputable lingerie stores. Her expertise in management has carried over not only in lingerie but in other aspects of retail. Helene’s passion for lingerie grew over the years with the many personal experiences she shared with the women she’s met. By sharing their stories of how hard it is to find undergarments, whether it’s after childbirth or recovering from breast cancer; many of those women don’t realize the valuable insight they’ve given Helene. She knew her ability to put people at ease and lift their spirits through navigating the very personal path of finding great fitting undergarments was what she was meant to do. She has also worked with many charities which specialized in making a change in women’s lives. Helene has a degree in liberal arts from Queen’s College, she continues to learn from the experiences and the people she meets. Helene loves to read and spend time with her 10 year old son and husband out in Long Island, NY.


Our Team

Stephanie Vincent


Stephanie has over 10 years experience in specialty retail, primarily lingerie. She’s always loved fashion design and fell in love with lingerie very quickly when her older sister Helene brought home designer pieces and lookbooks. She’s held many positions at a number of NYC lingerie boutiques and has helped grow their business. The many different people she has met throughout her retail career in New York City has solidified her passion for helping women in the fitting room and in life. Stephanie has studied Fashion Design, Fashion Industry Management and Garment Construction since 2003 from reputable schools: Fashion Industries High School, Philadelphia University and Fashion Institute of Technology. She adores traveling, teasing her 10 year old nephew and enjoying the best restaurants NYC has to offer.