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Bra Lessons- Part I

Bra Lessons- Part I

"This bra used to be white…"

- One of us….at some point in time.

Having the right colored bras for your wardrobe is a concept not many of us think of. For instance are you a "90% of my closet is black" or a “white Oxford shirts are my thing” kind of person and have trouble with the colors of the bras you own?

When I was younger, my only options were black or white bras (“nude” was not even in the picture back then especially at my previous size). So 98% of my bras ended up being black based on my skin color (brown/caramel), so I assumed that was my only choice. And of course white bras for my white shirts.

This just doesn't make any sense thinking about it now and thinking of my wardrobe choices as I got older and had more options I could wear neon green under my tops and no one would know. How could they under an opaque shirt or sweater??

There was always that white bra...or what started as a white bra that I wore as a sports bra. Let me clarify; at the time my bust was so large and not fitted properly for my bra size, I would wear two bras and a pull over sports bra aka boob masher to compensate for the fact that NONE of them fit.

I digress.

My white bras always ended up discolored and grey. No excuse for it really, bra shopping wasn't at the top of the list of great experiences for me so I just let it be. Older me looks back at this and just shakes her head. I know you're probably thinking about your own bra drawer and that white bra now discolored from sweat, overuse and/or fabric dye.

It's time to get rid of the old, and in with the new. Why you ask? Think these thoughts as you prep for new bras or replacing old ones!

What needs to be replaced? The basic everyday style should be first and foremost

Dark neutrals doesn’t always have to be black. Grey, Purple, Navy, Grey all fit the bill!

Now that the basics are out of the way…what can I treat myself with or surprise my partner with…

Don’t be afraid of a see through/mesh/lace bra! They can still be supportive! Our fave is the Gossard Glossies Sheer Bra.

Own and wear a bra that’s existed in your drawer for more than 2 years….time to let it go.


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