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Life Update - Post Partum

Life Update - Post Partum

After 10 months of nursing, and postpartum I learned quite a few things about my body. Being comfortable in my own skin has been a tiny bit of a roller coaster postpartum. Right now I weigh more than I have for my entire life. I justify it by knowing part of it is because I haven't truly slept a full 8 hours a night since she was born (but really does any mom??? especially one who is actively nursing). I say being comfortable with a grain of salt. I've always been moderately to very comfortable with my body. I've loved every inch, and every curve that I was blessed with, although I will admit I am my own worse detractor (aren't we all..). 

Mentally, giving birth and then getting back to your "normal" life is a challenge. You want to dress just as you had before but your body isn't back to "normal" yet. Your body is screaming at you that you need another two hours of sleep. Okay lets face it just 15 more minutes of shuteye...even standing up would suffice. Physically your body goes through the gauntlet and you're expected to just bounce back as your fore-mother's have done. 

With that said let's talk about what I've quickly learned and felt :

  • Things definitely change after a baby
  • Parts of me will never be the same again
  • My child is a voracious eater
  • Sometimes I feel like I'm literally a cow
  • I miss wearing pretty all lace bras that don't have a nursing clip attached
  • I have to disappear for unknown periods of time in order to pump out precious gold
  • She's 10 months and gorgeous... and all of a sudden can't get enough of her breast milk
  • My nipples are raw and they chafe every other day
  • Did I mention I feel like a cow?

Also, stretch marks! My stretch marks are my battle scars, they're my memory of carrying a small miracle for 9 months. I know some would want to get rid of them, but even though I came up with a regime to help them fade, eventually I just grew to love them, along with the marks along my hips that have always been there.  Let's be honest, I wouldn't change any of this for anyone or anything in the whole world. 

Mom's out there can you commiserate? Tell us your stories, your challenges, how you cope with the changes.


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