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Nursing Bras for the Fuller Figure #3

Nursing Bras for the Fuller Figure #3

Next up: Elila! Now let me tell you, Elila is one of those brands that I applaud and recommend for the plus size woman. They were created in 2004 and design each piece for the full figure with great materials while still maintaining focus on detail + comfort. One word I think of when it comes to at least the nursing bra I tried: sturdy.

Initial try on at 9 months.

  • Shocker: I look like I  have no boobs in this.

  • I actually really like this bra. Its cotton is comfortable.

  • I felt solid when I was nursing...meaning the sling pushed everything forward so that I could actually nurse. It pushed all the breast tissue into the right spot.

  • Super sturdy I don't feel like it's going to stretch fast and die quickly.

  • Its definitely a strong cotton that hasn't had much give like other bras (bear in mind this is a week 5 update)

  • The only worry I have is that it uses traditional hooks in place for the typical plastic snaps and I feel that over time this will become a weaker point.

Middle of the night feeding time! Engorged boobs...

More to come with several more brands!


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